Terms & Conditions & FAQ

Actually, everything is very simple: you commission us to create your dream video, we work day and night until you are 100 satisfied and in the end we send a bill that you will hopefully pay.

But we live in a world of numbers and treaties; and so even the most sympathetic video agency in Germany can’t help but present you with a legally correct terms and conditions. It is a long document, which is peppered with paragraphs, which we will send to you by e-mail together with your first offer for video production.

But to stay in marketing jargon, this document is “little sexy.”

That’s why you will find a compressed summary here , for your request and for time saving.

So here they are, our TOP 10 “Frequently Asked Questions”, for all those who just want to find out more:

1. They offer a guarantee of achievement. I want to win the lottery next Saturday. Can you guarantee me that I will reach my goal? Unfortunately not. A video is great, but not a magic fairy. When we talk about achieving goals, we mean this: If you have a video produced with us, you have a goal in mind – e.g. explaining your complicated B2B service, or promoting a great product. We help you by advising, designing, animating, designing and so on as video experts. However, it is clear to us that no one understands your concern, product or service as well as you do – because here you have more expertise than we do. Only through your feedback will the video production become your perfect video. And we’ll work with you until we have a video that you’re 100 happy with. This means that our goal is achieved when we deliver your final video to you and you say to us: This is right! We are satisfied!

2. Do you deliver on time and in the appropriate format for this one important meeting, on which my entire career depends? Let’s put it this way: We’ve never broken a deadline and produced some of it in time slots that are unique in the video world (5 days for a video for Adidas, for example). Accordingly, we can reassure you: with our good name, we guarantee that your video will be in perfect format on your computer, at the agreed delivery time.

3. There are super cheap video providers and astronomically priceless. Where is Click&Clever priced? Of course, there are individual producers for explanatory films who quickly create a finished product for little money. But we as Click&Clever Filmproduktion Frankfurt am Main place higher demands on ourselves. Professional speakers, a fluid animation, solid media advice, compliance with your corporate identity and easy-to-reach contacts are part of a high-quality film production company for us. In fact, this does not mean that we are expensive – it just means that we can only give you a real price estimate after we have at least briefly discussed your request. This little effort on your part is quite possible – because for us every video production is a small masterpiece. And masterpieces don’t know a flat price.

4. What is the risk-free concept phase? This question is quickly explained: Our storytellers create a first video concept for your request, starting from a short briefing. You only decide to produce video after that and there are no costs if you should think differently. Not many in our industry dare to make such a promise, but with us it has a very simple reason: We have some of the most experienced and best video concepters in Germany in our team.

5. Are you also available on Sundays? There is 24/7 on your website! The answer is yes and no. No, if you haven’t started video production with us yet and just want to talk. Yes, if you have started a video production with us and is pushing the deadline. 24/7 means nothing more than our total commitment to your project.

6. How does video production actually work? Just click on “Expiration” at the top and our sympathetic Head of Production will explain it to you!

7. I received my video, what’s next? We must confess that with the delivery of your final video, our competence ceases. This means that success is what you make of it. A video is always involved in a larger context – a marketing campaign, a crowd-funding campaign, a website, a meeting, etc.
We will be happy to help you with troubleshooting, illustrations or even tips even after the project has been completed. But after the video production is finished, it says: Fly, Eagle… Fly!

8. Does a video consultation cost you money? No, but you can invite our video experts for coffee.

9. Do you offer unlimited change loops? The question is: who does not? Unlimited change loops are necessary to give you the video you need unstressed. The only thing you need to pay attention to is that you make your changes within the respective production phases – but here our project managers will advise you in detail before completing each project phase.

10. Is it possible to park well with you? I would like to come over for coffee. You can park excellently with us and we are famous for our 3-day wake coffee. However, you should sign up just before that so that we can emotionally prepare our office dog for your visit.
Would you like to enjoy the full terms and conditions of Click&Clever with a glass of heavy red wine? Contact us!